The Murals

Allen Candy Co.

Allen Candy Co. – Jay Allen

The Humiston Heritage

The Humiston Heritage – Gary Anderson

Hometown News

Hometown News – Nancy Bennett


Scatterday’s – Carole Bersin

Palace of Sweets

Palace of Sweets – Cam Bortz


Chatauqua – David & Susie Butler/Dan Sawatzky

Farming in Livingston County

A Tradition of Farming in Livingston County – Michael Clark

Pontiac Fire Dept.

Pontiac Fire Dept. – Steve “Conman” Connor

pontiac rt 66

Visit Pontiac Illinois on Rt 66 – Tom & Kathy Durham

Interurban Street Car

Interurban Streetcar – Rob Estes


Coca-Cola – Sonny Franks

RCA Victor

RCA Victor – Triple Bernie

Chief PontiacJesse Fell

Chief Pontiac / Jesse Fell – Judy Grossman

Rodino Square

Rodino Square – Dale Manor

Strevell House

Abe Lincoln/Strevell House – Mike Meyer & Adam May

Vermilion River

Vermilion River – FranCisco Vargas



  1. My brother Bob Mccoy brought up the idea of the old mill

  2. The themes for the murals are already set. The sketches for the murals are subject to change, however the subject matter has been set for some time now. The Old Mill, however, is featured in the Vermilion River mural.

  3. Love the murals you have chosen for this year. I have only one question —- why is there a “Chevy” parked in front of the “Pontiac” sign?? 🙂

  4. […] Walldogs should be done with the murals by Sunday. Here are the murals they are painting. Some of them are quite […]

  5. We want to thank the Diaz family for all the work they have done to get the Wall Dogs here.

    The painters that have come here are a great bunch of people and seem to have a great time.

    Thank you for coming!!!!!

  6. I love your concept and murals. We have 12 outdoor murals and other public art in our small town. See our website/blog at

    I like the rich looking “heritage” colors. I have never heard of the walldog concept before. We just commissioned our murals one at a time.

  7. How exciting and wonderful. I loved looking at all of the murals. I know Judy Grossman personally and admire her work so much. You have organized an outstanding group of artists for your event. Thank you for sharing the murals with us.

  8. What a great event. Congratulations and a special thank you to those of you who came up with the idea and brought it to fruition. I am with the Mural Society in Lompoc, CA and we have been hosting a mural-in-a-day project for 18 years. However, our project is always doing one mural–usually 12×40-feet–painted by 10-15 artists.
    I would appreciate some more details on your project–such as how it is organized, what materials are murals painted on, where they are mounted and getting permission to put them on private property; how did you finance the project, how much was each artist paid; how to you plan to maintain them and will you have a similar project next year?

    I would appreciate your answering my questions and if you ever visit California I would be happy to give you a tour of our murals–and hopefully some day I can visit your wonderful town.

    Thank you,

    Gene Stevens
    Lompoc Mural Society

  9. I applaud the effort and the wonderful work, but there are a lot of local artist in this areas that would have loved to take part on this proyect, instead of hiring out of state artists. I hope that your community understands that they have to support their art groups locally, not the outsiders….some of us do work half what u paid for these guys and need the work to support the community and ourselves…but as i said , it was a wonderful job and idea…..congrats to the Diaz’s.

    • There were many local artists who participated in this event. The Rozell’s wall in particular was mostly painted by local talent. Most of the artists at these events are not paid. Only the project leaders who have proved themselves at prior Walldog events in other communities, and were essential in organizing each site, received any payment. It was never our intent to shun any local artists with this event. All local artists who requested to take part in this event were encouraged to work on the murals and learn from some of the best sign and mural artists in the business.

  10. I would love to come and see them. Where can I get the address (or map) of these so I don’t spend a day looking for them. thanks

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