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Can Donations

We have recieved alot of large cans for mixing paint, but now we need more smaller cans.  If you have any soup sized cans that you would like to donate please feel free to bring them by Diaz Sign Art at 628 W Lincoln Ave in Pontiac, IL or Pontiac City Hall at 115 W. Howard Street.

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Last two mural sketches

Here are the sketches for the last two murals. 

Allen Candy Co.

Allen Candy Co. – Jay Allen


Chautauqua – David & Susie Butler/Dan Sawatzky

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Three Murals on Two Sites

Pontiac Fire Dept.

Pontiac Fire Dept – Steve “Conman” Connor

Chief PontiacJesse Fell

Chief Pontiac / Jesse Fell – Judy Grossman

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Prep for Allen Candy Co. Mural

Preparations are underway in the Freestar parking lot for the upcoming mural.  Mike Young from Bradford, IL is busy working on getting the wall ready for the Allen Candy Co. mural.  This is another one of the walls that needed extensive work before it was ready for a mural.  Here is the video:

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Three More Mural Sketches

Palace of Sweets

Palace of Sweets – Cam Bortz

Interurban Street Car

Interurban Streetcar – Rob Estes

Vermilion River

Vermilion River – FranCisco Vargas

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Bob & Ringo’s

Here is event host Bill Diaz giving a tour of Bob & Ringo’s to Tom & Kathy Durham during their trip to Pontiac.  Bob & Ringo’s is one of the most famous taverns in Pontiac and was featured Grandview USA.  This downtown establishment is affectionately referred to as the “Dead Animal Bar” by some citizens of Pontiac.

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Two More Mural Sketches

The Humiston Heritage

The Humiston Heritage – Gary Anderson

Hometown News

Hometown News – Nancy Bennett

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In addition to all of the mural painting fun taking place this late June in Pontiac, there are many other events that the town has planned.  Thursday night there will be a special “Route 66” performance by the Vermillion Players.  Friday there will be “Pizza on the Square” with many local pizza restaurants serving pizza in the downtown area.  Additionally, Friday night the Pontiac Municipal Band will be having a concert followed by Coffee House with Dave Rudolph & Libido Funk Circus.  Saturday, Pontiac will be host to the “Hang Loose” car show, 16th annual Mighty Vermillion Duck Race, and a bean bag tournament.  On Saturday night there will be a Cruise Night on the Square and a Taste of Pontiac.  Music acts for Saturday include Chuck Drager, 20 Flight Rockets, Orquestra de Samba, Easy Money & Green 13.  On Sunday there will be performances by the Dance Center Dancers along with choirs and bands from some of the local churches.    Abraham Lincoln will be touring the downtown throughout the weekend, and there will be arts and crafts demonstrations and sales throughout the downtown area.

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Bernies’ Wall Review Part 2

Here is another video of the progress on the RCA Victor wall.  This wall was in very bad repair prior to this fix. 

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Even More Mural Sketches

Here is the next round of mural sketches:

Rodino Square

Rodino Square – Dale Manor


Scatterday’s – Carole Bersin

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