Posted by: pontiacwalldogs | April 16, 2009

Three Murals on Two Sites

Pontiac Fire Dept.

Pontiac Fire Dept – Steve “Conman” Connor

Chief PontiacJesse Fell

Chief Pontiac / Jesse Fell – Judy Grossman


  1. Please, can we stay away from native american imagery?

    • The town thought it would be a good idea to have a portrait of not only the town founder, but also the man the town was named after. This is why we have the Jesse Fell, and Chief Pontiac murals right next to each other. As far as a depiction of Chief Pontiac, there are no recorded portraits of the chief. The best we can do is to make a historically accurate guess based on what other Native Americans in his tribe and this area may have looked like. We have done alot of research over the years as to what the chief may have looked like and we sent the artist all of our findings and she came up with this composite based on actual pictures and stories of chief Pontiac and his tribe. I believe our hearts are truly in the right place in trying to honor the namesake of this town.

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