Posted by: pontiacwalldogs | March 26, 2009

First mural sketches

All of the mural sketches are in and we will be revealing a few of them each week until the big event.  Some of the project leaders are still making adjustments to their sketches, so we will try to keep these posts as recent as possible and will update any art as it changes.  So here is the first three.

Strevell House

Abe Lincoln/Strevell House – Mike Meyer & Adam May

Farming in Livingston County

A Tradition of Farming in Livingston County – Michael Clark

pontiac rt 66

Visit Pontiac Illinois on Rt 66 – Tom & Kathy Durham


  1. Just wanted to let the people in Pontiac know it will be an honor to paint a mural in your town. We have been to Pontiac many times to visit our good friends “the Diaz’s”. Each time, not only did we have a good time with our friends, we also enjoyed the warmth and friendship from the good people of Pontiac. You have a great city and fortunate asset in the entire Diaz family. Thanks again for all of your efforts in making this Walldog event one of the best.

  2. Thanks for providing the leadership for this exciting event. I blogged about it today:

    Pastor Brian

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