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Walldog event pictures

Here is a link to an online gallery of the murals as they are being painted in downtown Pontiac:

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Mystery Mural

One additional “mystery mural” has been added to the list of murals to be completed during Chief City Runs With the Dogs.  The mural subject and location are a mystery until the meet begins, however clever observers in the Pontiac area may be able to find the wall due to the prep work being done to it.

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Full List of Events

Thursday June 25 Downtown Pontiac

  • 8:00A-11:00P – Walldogs Work on Walls
  • 9:00A-5:00P – Route 66 Museum Open
  • 10:00A-5:00P – War Museum Open
  • 12:00P-4:00P – Michael Campanelli Book Signing

Thursday June 25 Entertainment Area

  • 5:00P-6:00P – WMBD 31 FOX 43 Live
  • 6:00P-7:00P – WMBD 31 FOX 43 Live
  • 7:00P-8:00P – Rt. 66 A New Musical Revue – Vermillion Players
  • 8:00P-9:00P – Letterhead Squares
  • 9:00P-11:30P – Walldog Jam Session

Friday June 26th Downtown Pontiac

  • 8:00A-11:00P – Walldogs Work on Walls
  • 9:00A-5:00P – Route 66 Museum Open
  • 10:00A-5:00P – War Museum Open
  • 12:00P-4:00P – Michael Campanelli Book Signing
  • 1:00P-8:00P – Yost House Tour & Art Show
  • 7:00P-8:00P – Pontiac Municipal Band Concert at Yost House

Friday June 26 Entertainment Area

  • WJEZ Broadcast Booth Morning Show
  • 12:00P-4:00P – WJEZ Oldies Show with Lane Lindstrom
  • 5:00P – Pontiac Pizza Night
  • 5:00P-11:45P – Beer Garden
  • 5:00P-7:00P – Travis Parks
  • 8:00P-9:30P – Dave Rudolf
  • 10:00P-11:30P – Libido Funk Circus

Friday June 26 Courthouse Square

  • 5:30P-6:00P – Pontiac Municipal German Band
  • 6:00P-10:00P – Kids Zone

Saturday June 27 Downtown Pontiac

  • 8:00A-11:00P – Walldogs Work on Walls
  • 8:00A-4:00P – “Hang Loose” Car Show
  • 10:00A-4:00P – Yost House Tour & Art Show
  • 10:00A-4:00P – Route 66 Museum Open
  • 10:00A-4:00P – War Museum Open
  • 10:30A-11:30A – “Story Time with Lincoln” at Pontiac Public Library
  • 11:45A-1:00P – “Lunch with Lincoln” at Jones House
  • 12:00P-4:00P – Michael Campanelli Book Signing
  • 2:00P-3:00P – Duck Race at Vermilion River
  • 2:00P-4:00P – Jones House Open
  • 3:00P-3:30P – Lincoln at Strevell House

Saturday June 27 Entertainment Area

  • 11:00A-11:45P – Beer Garden
  • 11:00A-12:30P – Chuck Dragger
  • 1:00P – 2:30P – 20 Flight Rockets
  • 3:00P-4:30P – Orquestra de Samba
  • 5:00P – Taste of Pontiac
  • 5:00P-6:00P – Melanie Hiatt
  • 6:30P-8:00P – Walldog Party & Auction
  • 8:00P-9:30P – Easy Money Blues Band
  • 10:00P-11:30P – Green 13

Saturday June 27 Courthouse Square

  • 8:00A-11:00A – Farmers Market
  • 9:00A-6:00P – Heritage Days
  • 9:00A – Boys & Girls Club KIDS Bag Tournament
  • 9:30A – Pie Baking Contest
  • 10:00A-10:00P – Kids Zone
  • 11:00A-2:00P – Stage Coach Rides
  • 1:00P-2:30P – Rush Street Quartet
  • 1:00P – Boys & Girls Club ADULT Bag Tournament
  • 4:00P-6:00P – Stage Coach Rides
  • 5:00P-8:00P – Cruise Night

Sunday June 28 Downtown Pontiac

  • 10:00A-4:00P – Walldog Mural Tours
  • 10:00A-4:00P – Route 66 Museum Open
  • 12:00P-4:00P – War Museum Open
  • 12:00P-3:00P – Yost House Tour & Art Show
  • 12:00P-4:00P – Michael Campanelli Book Signing
  • 1:00P-3:00P – Jones House Open
  • 2:00P-6:00P – Pontiac Women’s Club Garden Walk

Sundau June 28 Entertainment Area

  • 11:00A-12:30P – Melanie Hiatt
  • 1:00P – Lincoln’s 200th Birthday Bash
  • 1:00P-1:45P – DANCECENTER Dance Company
  • 2:00P-2:30P – FUMC Praise Band
  • 2:30P-3:00P – B-Sharps Quartet
  • 3:30P-5:00P – Unemployed Architects

Sunday June 28 Courthouse Square

  • 10:00A-5:00P – Heritage Days
  • 11:00A-4:00P – Kids Zone
  • 12:00P-3:00P – Wagon Rides
  • 1:00P – Lincoln’s 200th Birthday Bash
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Local Artists Attend Walldog 101 at Diaz Sign Art

In preparations for the walldog event this month many of Pontiac’s own future walldogs attended a class at Diaz Sign Art as an introduction to Walldogs.  The class covered such topics as paint types, brush types & use, brush care, mural set-up & walldog etiquette.  Here are some images from that class:

Walldog class

Walldog class 2

Walldog class3

Walldog class 4

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Reminder on Local Artist Mural Class

The class for all aspiring local muralists will be held at Diaz Sign Art 628 W Lincoln Ave this Saturday from 1-3PM.  We urge any local artists that would like to participate in the Walldog event to please attend this informal class.

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Preparations continue

The city of Pontiac and various contractors in the community have been working to get the walls prepared for Chief City Runs With the Dogs. 

Here is a video of work being done to the wall that will house the Chautauqua mural:

Here is the preparations being done to the location of the Vermilion River mural which has been moved to the banks of the river:

Here is the home of the Interurban streetcar mural:

Here is the locations of the Palace of Sweets and Coca-Cola murals:

Here is the location of the Scatterday’s mural:

Here is work on the Vermilion River mural location:

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Pontiac Summer Bash TV ad spots

Here are two TV spots advertising the Pontiac Summer Bash:

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Walldog locations

Here is a map of the hometowns of the Walldogs registered for “Chief City Runs with the Dogs”:

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Registration ends this Saturday

The last day for artists to register for this event is this Saturday May 16th.  If you are an artist that plans on attending this event you must register by this Saturday or we will not be able to feed or house you.

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Community Artist Walldog Class

Diaz Sign Art will be the host to an informal class on June 6th from 1:00 – 3:00PM for any local artists interested in becoming a part of the walldog event this summer.  The class will cover the basics of mural painting and is recomended for anyone that has not attended a walldog event in the past.

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